Tuesday, December 30, 2008


The Denver Broncos just fired Mike Shanahan.


He was a great coach, and I understand the move by the organization, because they have underachieved for several years now. This year they suffer A LOT of injuries, so he can/can't be blamed for the late season break down, because they were playing pretty poorly, but the injury situ didn't help at all.

So it is an end to the greatest coach in Bronco's history's tenure and I wish they would have let him go out in a better fashion than firing him, but it all has to end sometime. Bye Mike... I will miss you!

Sleep is over rated

My sleep schedule is screwed. I really have to shift it back to getting up early soon, because Monday is going to be an early one.

Yet, here I am at 2 a.m. in Austin not sleeping. So I figured while I was not sleeping, I would blog... because you know I love to blog when I am not sleeping!

It is wonderful to see my sister again. I am looking forward to NYE with her in downtown Austin. Oh the fun we will have. It will of course not include a New Years kiss, as usual, but it will include alcohol, fun, and somebody getting motorboated. Not by me or to me, but someone within our party to another party member. I already know it will happen. Mark it down folks, motorboat action in the Townsend party.

Anyways, after much hinting/requesting/guilt tripping, I will also be going to Dallas while I am on leave. It will be for only 2 days, but I hope I can see all the people who have been requesting my presence. Logging a lot of miles in my new car... but at least it rides nice.

Oh yeah, I dunno if I mentioned it but I did get a new vehicle. The mini van is no more. I finally got rid of the very emasculating vehicle i had and got something a tad bit better.

I like it. it is a 2003 Dodge Intrepid, and it runs pretty damn well. I have no complaints with it, except the money it is costing me at the moment. With the registration/title/license plate fee and first payment due soon, I am HURTING for money. But I guess that is the price you pay... I'll survive I am more than sure, but it will be a pain in the ass.

So that is about all I have for now, but I do want to send a shout out to a certain reader of mine... You are a pain in my ass... but I love every second of it!

That's all for now. Back to your lives now. Over and out.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Is it wrong to laugh?

So the Cowgirls choked it again. I'm laughing. Some people aren't.

T.O. crying when he realized his time in Dallas, and the prime of his career are OVER.

Seriously? Is he crying into a PINK towel? What is that the special crying towel Jessica gave him? What a wuss.

Let the crying and finger pointing begin again. I can't wait to see the off season drama that will unfold, and I have a feeling one, if not several, of Dallas's high priced players is leaving, if not the head coach too. Yeah, I know Jerry said Wade Phillips is safe, but lets face it, Jerry is a consummate liar and backstabber.

So who do I think will be gone? Wade is probably gone, and I think T.O. is out too. They have a headline receiver in Roy Williams (without the problems), and a young core of decent receivers, so T.O. has become (again) an unwanted quantity. The Cowboys would be wasting their time to keep him around, and subjecting themselves to more and more trouble. He really isn't worth the heartache or headache, and I honestly think Romo's development is being stunted by him. Romo is practically worthless in December anyways, and I doubt it would really make much difference, but without T.O., he might not be such a headcase about keeping a stupid ass premadonna happy.

So yet another playoffs will be watched by the Cowboys at home. Of course my Broncos look like they are heading for their couches too, as they choked out the last 2 games (and at the time of this post their third and final game is well on it's way there) but I believe the expectation differences with both teams says it all. The Broncos weren't supposed to make the playoffs anyways, and if not for the major injury problems they have had this season, they might not have broken down so late. When you lose 7 running backs, a couple receivers, half your defense... you kinda suffer. They were lucky to have the record they do. But the Cowboys? Failures. Plain and simple, they again failed to live up to the expectations people keep unwisely giving them.

You would think the pundits would finally figure out that betting on Dallas is kin to wasting your time.

So despite my team stinking it up.... I will keep laughing at the dysfunction that is the Cowboys. Keep the drama and comedy rolling in fellas, I always need a good reason for a chuckle.

Oh and losing your final game in Texas stadium by giving up two of the longest runs in Ravens history on consecutive plays... one to a FULLBACK... HA HA HA HA HA. that's all I have to say to that.

On an unrelated note, It's sad that the 11-5 Patriots will get left out of the playoffs while an 8-8 team will make it in, and get home field advantage in the first round. The playoff system, much like the BCS is a failure. Get it fixed fellas... so deserving teams don't get fucked.

That's all for now. Over and out.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Let's go Bowling

Every year, I try to catch at least a few minutes of every bowl game. So far I have missed 2 games, but after I make my way to Austin for 6 days, I will probably end up missing a few more.

I hope I can catch most of them though... I guess it's a silly goal, but it's a fun thing to try and obtain. So far there have been a few surprises, but nothing major to be honest. All the big shockers come around during the BCS games, and they usually involve OU or Ohio State, although I am not surprised by them losing... BCS curse victims right there.

Anyways, I hope everyone had a good Boxing Day, the little known holiday following Xmas, also one of the worst days to work retail. Black Friday wins that race by a nose.

Oh yeah, was anyone else aware that Red Bull has a new Cola out? It's made with all natural ingredients and isn't half bad, but not really worth the price. If you ever see it around, give it a try... like I said not bad.

All this talk of Red Bull got me really thirsty for a Jager bomb.


Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas everyone.

I hope you enjoyed time with your families and loved ones, and enjoyed that quality time that is most important on this day.

I unfortunately spent this Christmas in my own company, and definitely missed being with my family and friends. Fortunately I did get a lot of phone calls and texts so I knew I was being missed and loved.

As Derreck said "Merry Retail Exploitation Day"... because unfortunately this holiday is more about what's under the tree than who is gathered around it. So I hope you enjoyed the company as well as the gifts and realize what this day is truly about... family.

So I hope your Christelmas day was wonderful, and I hope everyone was safe, happy, and stayed generally out of trouble!

Next up: New Years... which I will be spending in Austin with my sister.... muah ha ha ha ha ha the trouble we will cause! I can't wait to open the New Year with the best sister in the whole world!

Oh and what was with there being no football on today? What the hell? Not having football on Christmas is like.... fining someone for making a snow angel after scoring a touchdown.... I'm just saying (I'm not saying, I'm just saying)

At least they had a Mythbusters Marathon... Santa did get my letter! Now if he could have just brought a few other things/people I wanted... oh well.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Expensive Snow Angel

So it cost Wes Welker 10 grand to make a snow angel after scoring a touchdown...

What is wrong with the NFL? Why are they fining a guy for having a little fun in the snow? When did the NFL become the No Fun League? Players are getting fined left and right for this shit, as well as hitting people too hard.

Last time I checked, football is a contact sport. People love big hits. Its exciting, funny, and more often than not, the worse the hit looks the less it hurts. I got hit a lot (you can tell) and the hits that hurt the most were the little ones for some odd reason. But whenever I would crush someone or someone would return the favor, I never felt it. So when someone gets decleated and the whole stadium goes "OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH". That shit is awesome.

Back to my original topic, I think it's silly to fine someone for playing in the snow. I can see fining someone for digging out a cell phone and making a call, or grabbing pom poms and dancing, or signing a ball with a Sharpie he pulled from his sock, but making a snow angel? Come on... If that is the case, then the players jumping in the stands should be fined. Any player kneeling to pray should be fined. The guy slam dunking the ball over the cross bar should be fined. Lets fine everyone. Score a touchdown and get fined 10k. Fuck it.

Stupid, that's what this is. I hope someone builds a snowman next... that would be worth the fine! Where is the holiday spirit? It's about giving not taking!

Merry Fucking Christmas!


So here it is... the day before Christmas, and all through the house, Ian will be working, there is no doubt.

Yeah that made no sense, but still...

So I will be working while Santa is out and about giving out gifts to all the good little boys and girls... while parents spoil all their rotten little brats with shit they don't need!

This will be the first Christmas I have spent away from home, so maybe that's the reason I am not so "in the spirit" this year. Added to that fact is that I will be working tonight and sleeping away most of Christmas.

I'm not all Bah Humbug but I am pretty close. I mean I did sacrifice going home for Christmas to spend New Years with my sister, so it's as much my doing as anything else, but I wanted this year to continue to be one of firsts (Thanksgiving with my sis, paying for my own car, making a life on my own, etc.) so the the sacrifice of a family Christmas for the first New Years with my sister was a fair trade off in my books.

So I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas Eve and Day. Be safe if you are traveling and enjoy this very special time of year!


Hitch up the Bandwagon, we're goin' for a ride!

I hate bandwagon riders. They really drive me nuts. i don't understand the concept of shifting loyalties... I would rather ride out bad times with my team then constantly shifting to a new team.

This year, when Texas beat OU in the Red River Shootout (I refuse to call it the Red River Rivalry, because that's just post-9/11 stupidness) there were millions of new Texas fans. Then Texas lost to Texas Tech and all the new Tech fans came out of the woodwork. Then OU hopped back on top (unfairly I might add) and now the Boomer Sooner bullshit is back. It makes me sick.

I can deal with a person who has no loyalties, and just watches sports for the games. They at least are fans of the game, and that never wavers. What I can't stand is those people who jump on whomever is on top of the heap.

Part of being a true fan is enjoying the high times, riding out low times, and knowing everything there is to know about your favorite team. When you can have a heated arguement about who's team is better and dredge up decades worth of stats, records, and players without stopping... that is being a true fan.

Wearing the same outfit every time your team plays because you believe it to be the key to your teams successes is true fanhood. Never wearing it again because they lose is true fanhood.

There is however a limit. Putting your team's logo on everything you own is lunacy. So is crying your eyes out when they lose, or claim various forms of cheating (refs, dirty play, dirty tricks, etc.) leading to their downfall. That is also bad sportsmanship.

For example, I know many OU fans (most of them actually) who always scream they were cheated when they lose. It is always the refs fault for making a bad call, or whatnot. It's never that the other team was just better. Bad sportsmanship ruins the experience. Be a gracious loser and offer the other team (and fans) their due and move on. Your shot at redemption will come around sometime.

So in closing this little rant, I just want to reiterate my main point... Don't ride the bandwagon. Pick your team and stick with it, or don't pick one at all. And for goodness sake... be a good sport!

Enjoy the Bowl season and be sure to watch the Longhorns stomp Ohio State and OU get spanked by Florida!


I ran across this article, and despite showing some signs of being a lunatic (crying when his teams lose, having a teams logo over everything, claiming losses are due to refs), Big Lo shows what it means to be a true fan. Here's to you Big Lo! Hope you keep getting better and healthier!

True Fanhood right here

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I am alive I promise. I'm sorry I haven't written much, but I will be doing more now hopefully. Due to the prodding of others (you know who you are) and being outblogged by a few people, I want to kick up my output.

So here's my end of 2008/start of 2009 resolution... To blog more. I have a lot rattling around in my head, so I'm going to finally let some of it out!

Oh and by the way, I write my opinions, so to any new readers who have just come across this site, don't be too offended by anything I write. Oh and if I haven't offended you yet, just wait, because your time is coming around!

I am also working on doing some video blogging so look out for that in the near future.

Check back soon for new content!