Monday, March 23, 2009

Why can't we all just get along?

Let me start by saying I am probably going to piss people off with this blog. You may or may not be offended by what I am about to say, but I honestly, don't care. I have something to say, and I am going to say it. If you are sensitive or get offended easily, stop reading now.

I'm pissed off. Every day, everywhere you always hear about someone having issues with someone else. I'm not talking abut small trivial issues, because I get sick of other people's shit too. I'm talking about subjects that, in this day and age, we should not have. Things that should have died out years ago, but still live strong in a society that is so blended that we can't even say we are one thing or another. If you haven't figured out what I'm talking about, you're a fucking moron.

I'm going to be talking about some pretty touchy subjects. I'm going to get in deep to some subjects some people won't touch. I want to go there because I am willing to voice my opinions in hopes of helping people see that things aren't always what they seem. Read on if you dare.

I'm sooooooooooooo tired of racism. So sick of it. Yes, I'm white. By the claims of popular society, I should have no say or anger over the subject. I should feel remorse for what "my people" did. I should work towards improving the lives of those of color. I've got two words for all of that. Fuck off. What happened with slavery was wrong. Totally wrong. The way people in this country and around the world have been treated because of the color of their skin is disgusting. I definitely think that reparations should have been paid for what happened.

But I do not think that people should still be blaming anyone else or society for their situations now. I could claim that my life is forever altered for having Irish blood, and what the English did to my people. I could also be angry and upset about how the Irish were treated in this country. I'm not. I was never personally victimized or mistreated so why should I blame others for what never happened to me? I get that people still hold racist beliefs. I don't know why but they do. I've never seen the world in black and white. My four very best friends are black. I've had friends of every race, and never had a problem with them. I see the world as it should be... it doesn't matter what your skin color is. It matters what kind of person you are.

I'm sick of people talking about Obama. Yes he is half black. So what? It is well established that people of any race can be very successful. It was about time we had someone who wasn't white in the White House. Eventually, I know we will have a female president. We are the most culturally diverse country in the world, but we still have one of the worst race problems. We still act sometimes as if it is the 1950s. Some people still act as if they are superior just because of their skin pigmentation.

I also hate the judgement of a whole race or culture based on a select group. There are dumb, ignorant, fuck-ups in every group, and they seem to be the ones that everyone is judged by. Not every black person is a thug or gangsta or a n***a (I hate that word. I think it's not a term of endearment, and should not be used ever. Yes, I'm white, I don't give a fuck, it bothers me). Not every white person is a honky redneck hillbilly. Not every Native American is an alcoholic gambler living off the government. We have successful individuals from every culture and it's about fucking time we realized it.

Now racism is only part of my issue. I hate the way people perceive each other and treat each other. It bothers the hell out of me. But you wanna know what bothers me even more? People using their race or the past as an excuse. I HATE, abso-fucking-lutely hate it when people do that. I swear, the next time I hear someone say they didn't get something because of their skin color, I'm going to slug them. It's ignorant and stupid. If you can't get something because you aren't good enough, then accept it as that. Yes, there are still stupid ass racists who screw people out of things that they deserve, but that is getting to be less of a problem by the day. We can't use excuses anymore, we just have to suck it up and deal with things as they are. I also think that people getting free handouts or preferential treatment because of what you are is what's causing most of the problems. Again, i do agree with reparations, and giving back for what was taken, but I believe that in this day and age, that we can stop using that excuse. Helping people because they don't want to try and want to just use excuses to get by is shameful. Anybody who does that ought to be ashamed of themselves, and the people who give those handouts and BS are just as guilty and should be just as ashamed.

Now before you get too angry, I believe that some people do need help. I know people who have worked their asses off, but just could not get the same opportunities, and got a helping hand that launched them. I am ok with that. I am more than willing to give to and associate with a cause like that. What I am not willing to accept is helping those who won't help themselves, and simply live off others. People who believe they deserve something because of their color and think it is owed to them by society. If you can't earn it yourself, regardless of what you are, then you don't deserve it, period.

Something that goes along with racism is sexism. It's fucking silly. Women have earned the right to stand along side men in any venture they choose. I don't think that anything is strictly for men or for women. A lot of hard asses get all riled up over women doing their job. Get over it. Women are not subservient to men in any way, shape, or form, and to think so is really really immature. I remember how angry some people got over the movie G.I. Jane. Special Forces are still a male only thing, but I think one day, it could change. I don't know when or how but I wouldn't mind it. To assume anyone is not good enough for something because of gender is the same as doing it because of race. Everyone has the right to choose their own path, and not be told what they can and can't do because of who or what they are. We have come too far as a species to keep acting like this.

Ok now that I'm done pissing off one group of people it's time to move on to my next group.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am not a fan of organized religion. I think that it is the single worst thing in this world. I am a man of faith. Don't think me an atheist or anything like that. I love my God and I love my own personal beliefs. What I have a problem with is people telling what I SHOULD believe, and what is right to believe. I also think it's entirely hypocritical. The 5th Commandment says "thou shalt not Kill" yet Religion is the leading cause of death in human history. Billions of people have died for loving a "different God". Oddly enough, when you read the Bible... we all have the same God. Hmmmmmmm.

I've been to a few churches and study groups, and a few of them we good. They simply talked about worshiping, about loving God, and living a good life. They talked about being a generally good person, repenting for your sins, believing in a higher purpose, and spreading good will and love. I am OK with all of that, because their goal is to spread the Word of God (I'll get to this in a minute) and faith in a peaceful loving manner. Some churches and religions don't feel that way. They TELL people how to worship their God. They TELL people how to act, behave, and live their lives. They TELL them if they don't follow a strict rigid guideline, they will forever burn in Hell. No free passes, no forgiveness, if you fuck up, you burn. No pressure. They TELL people all of those things, then the people running that church commit awful crimes and act as if they are God themselves and are above human law. I think that is morally and just plain wrong. It's things like that, that make me hate Religion as a whole. I feel very bad for the good religious people out there because as with everything... the actions of few cause the pain for many. I have to say that I do fall in a hypocritical group in the sense that I judge all of religion by what a certain group does, but I feel in my heart and in my beliefs that the world would be so much better with out organized religion.

My next issue is with the Bible. I have read it, and do continue to read from it from time to time. I believe it is a great source for inspiration and for stories that teach good lessons. The Bible is nothing more than a book of inspirational stories. I don't get how people can believe it is the literal Word of God. Actually, I do know how people can be led into that idea, but that goes with that TELLING thing again. Besides the fact that some of the things in the Bible are scientifically impossible (I can hear the people getting very angry now) the Bible has been re-written, re-organized, and edited so many times, how can it be even close to the original thing? How can we know if any of it is even true? The Bible didn't just drop from the heavens. It was written by the hand of man, and is therefore, the Word of Man Supposedly Inspired by God. Again, I think it a great source of inspiration, but nothing to take literally.

All in all, my beliefs on organized religion and the fact that it is one of the worst things in human history (and also has brought on some of the best things, but it doesn't outweigh all the bad it has done) are held by others. I don't believe Jesus, or any of the spiritual leaders you read about in the Bible would condone the way people are acting in their name. I think that they would be ashamed of those people who call themselves Christians, Jews and Muslims. They preached peace, love, and understanding, and I don't feel or see any of that these days. All I see is anger, war, and ignorance. You can't preach love and good will with an assault rifle in your hand.

So I'm done complaining now about a few things that bother me. Maybe I will work on a few of my other annoyances another day but I hope you come away from reading this a little upset. Upset about how our world is and how people treat each other over silly things. Upset about how our belief structure is built. Upset that we can't grow up and get along with others. People always wonder how humanity will end. The answer is by our own hands. I hope you learned something here today. If you think less of me because of my beliefs and because of what I wrote, I'm ok with that. I can live with that because I am comfortable with myself and my thoughts. I will leave you to make your own assumptions. I will leave you to make or have your own opinions or beliefs. My goal here today wasn't to change your mind. It was to educate you a little bit on the way I see things. Goodnight everybody and God Bless.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Love what you have... you may lose it...

Everyone hears the old saying, "You don't know what you have until it's gone." Some of us have learned what that means.

Every person has regrets. They have something they look back on and wish didn't happen. Some people look back and see a mistake or an event that they wish they could go back and change. We lose something that we took for granted.

I can't come out and say I've got a major life changing event that has forever altered my existence. I know there are plenty of people who have lived through horrific things and come out on the other side without something that used to be vital to their existence. There are people who have lost someone who was their life.

What I can say is I do know the feeling to an extent. I have lived through some events that made me realize I squandered something amazing, or I lost out on something that I never realized was so important. It leads me to this conclusion... Live your life knowing that you are blessed.

Every day that you wake up, be thankful for everything you have in life. Be thankful for the people you have. I used to feel like I had no family. I used to feel very alone. One day I woke up and realized that I had an awesome one all along. I was so focused on myself and my life, that I failed to realize who I had around me. I saw a father who, despite his own problems and issues, never ever let me fail or failed to be there when I needed him. When I realized that he became my hero, and has been ever since. I finally found my sister. I realized I had the best friends anyone could ever ask for.

Some days I dread going to work. I dread the long hours, monotonous work, and the BS I have to put up with. Then I realize some people dread waking up because they don't have a job to go to. I have a secure job, a roof over my head, food in my fridge, and money in my pocket. Every once in a while I have a car that works. Millions of people in the world don't have any of that. They suffer day to day while I am lucky enough to be blessed with all the comforts I have.

I was lucky enough to play 15 years of football. I LOVE football. I miss every day that I don't step on a field to play. I ache to put pads on and hit someone... but injuries took that away from me. 15 years of getting hit and hitting people left me with a battered, broken, and surgically repaired body. I wouldn't trade it away for anything. I ache every day. My neck, my back, my knee. I get headaches, I don't remember some things, I feel older than I am... but I would never trade it for a life without football. I miss it so much that it hurts sometimes. I always wonder if I had done a few things differently... would I still be playing today? I wonder if my life would be better or worse? I'm not sure, but I would never change what I've done. I had a great run, and I have a lot of great memories. At least I have the battle scars to prove that i played hard. I got to play at a great high school, and got to play college ball. How many others can say that? How many people can say they got to do something they love for so long?

So, all in all, what I am trying to get across is that you should appreciate what you have, and never envy those who have more than you. You should appreciate what you have, because you never know when you may lose it. Love your life... no matter what bad things happen to you... know that you are very very lucky to have what you do, and that you could lose anything at everything at any time. Live for your enjoyment... not for your envy.

Carpe Diem... Seize the Day.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

FML? How about you STFU

What is it with this whole Fuck My Life fad? Why is every one so damn whiny and upset about how their life is? Sure I make some complaints about my life.. I am not immune to feeling a bit down sometimes, but to build a whole subculture fad around the concept of FML is downright stupid.

Is this the society we live in today? Has the emo, slit my wrists, I'm so misunderstood, I hate the world mentality taken over? I hate it when suburban white kids with money, security and a shot at a good education cry and whine about how HARD life is and how much their life sucks. Shut the fuck up. Those kids growing up in a ghetto with one or no parents, struggling to make ends meet, getting a shitty education, but they still press on and won't let things get them down... they might have a reason to complain a bit. You crybaby middle class whiners need to get a clue.

I used to whine a little bit back in the day. Then my dad took me down to a GHETTO part of Dallas, and I understood... I had it EASY. I had everything I could ever ask for. I grew up and realized that life could be much much worse. I still have a few minor gripes with my world, but honestly, I have a good steady job, a steady income, a roof over my head, a car (when it wants to work), and a great family and great friends. I've got more than a lot of people, so I generally keep most of my complaining to a dull murmur.

So if you live a generally comfortable life, and most of your needs are being met... Shut up. Quit crying and go make something of yourself. Quit getting gay haircuts, putting on mascara, wearing stupidly tight jeans and bitching any time someone makes fun of you or picks on you. Act like a viable member of society and maybe people will stop treating you like the damn fool you are.

Stop with the FML shit. No one cares you wimp. STFU and get on with your life.


I'm a Mutli-blogger

So I am now a writer on another blog. I feel the need to share this with you guys because I won't be double posting my stuff. So to check on my new blog, The Game, a sports related feed where I dissect happenings in the wide world of athletics, go to Hustler of the Weak and check it out.

The site also contains blogs by several other people and if you enjoy my work, you'll enjoy theirs as well. For other stuff related to HOTW and its creator, check out BkJaxon and enjoy the content!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Row, row, row your boat...

SO i found out the date of my departure from Corpus Christi, TX to begin my journey to my new home port in Norfolk, VA. June 11. On that day, they will finally take the boy out of Texas... but will never pry Texas out of the boy.

Sure I've lived outside of Texas to go to school, but hell I could come home every once in a while. When I move to Norfolk, it will be more than a hop, skip and a jump. It will be more like a flying leap, or at least a very long drive.

Do not get me wrong, I am very excited to get to go somewhere different. I did join the Navy to go places, so being back in Texas, while nice and very accessible to family and friends, is not what I was planning. So moving to the largest Navy base in the world seems like a good adventure. I hear good and bad things about it, but I plan to make my own judgments.

So anyways, I will be shipping off for there in around 3 months, which means I better enjoy my last few months in this area. I hope to spend time with my sister in about a month (car willing) and maybe time with my friends who will be down here for Spring Break. I just have to get time off from work, which at this stage, seems mostly unlikely (except for a week in April for which I already have a leave chit).

Work has been.... WORK. Let's just say busy is an understatement. Long hours, and late nights are the everyday norm around my life, and days off are a rarity. We have a detachment leaving soon, so preparation for that has been hectic, and getting things to work, even more so. Hopefully, once they leave, things will slow down a little bit and we won't be running around like a group of headless chickens. Maybe.

So anyways that's my Navy life as of late... just work and more work, with an extra helping of work. Oh and a side of work to go with my work. Oh please hold the sleep and social life... I don't need any of that. Just sprinkle on a little extra work instead.


Sunday, March 8, 2009


I wish I had a day off.

I wish I enjoyed my job more.

I wish I was more tolerant of others.

I wish I could understand people better.

I wish I understood myself better.

I wish I could be myself without fear of people judging me.

I wish I could not care what other people think.

I wish I cared about other people more.

I wish I didn't fence myself off.

I wish I didn't pour everything into those around me, and leave myself so vulnerable.

I wish I wasn't afraid.

I wish I wasn't so alone.

I wish I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

I wish I was happy with where I'm at, and stop looking for greener pastures.

I wish I could smile and feel like it was real.

I wish my heart wasn't so mangled.

I wish my mind wasn't so twisted.

I wish I was happy.

I wish I was inspired.

I wish I was driven.

I wish I could feel like I was making a difference.

I wish I could see the good things in myself and not all the bad.

I wish I could stop feeling like I'm whining.

I wish I could have an original thought.

I wish I could see my family.

I wish I could see my friends.

I wish I could live one of those movie lives.

I wish I could be like all of those heroes I read about.

I wish I could be honest with you.

I wish you could be honest with me.

I wish...