Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Alot of updates

Wow, its been a while yes? Well I've got alot to update on, and upon request from the sister I will hit all the points here and now!

1) I finally will be transferring to Pensacola, FL. I leave the 3rd and will be on HOLD until late July when I class up. So I am transferring from being on hold here to being on hold there. You figure it out, I can't.

2) I got orders for my first duty station. I will be working on Mine Hunter Helicopters for squadron HM-15 in Corpus Christi, TX. Yep, I will be HOME... or close anyways. Unfortunately its only until early 2010, when my squadron changes homeports to Norfolk, VA. I am supposed to report in mid-September.

3) I have a girlfriend. Her name is Jessica and she is from Chicago. She is an amazing woman, and she has made me really happy since knowing her. Unfortunately I will be far away from her when I move to Florida, but she is going to come visit me, and then come to Dallas when I go on leave after A School. She is also joining the Naval Reserves, and goes to boot camp in November. Her A School is in Texas so we will be close again for that time, and she is looking at schools close to where I will be. Basically she is fantastic and I'm glad to have her.

4) I got a new tattoo. It's my Navy tattoo, and if you want to see a picture, go to my myspace page and browse my pictures.

Besides all of that stuff, life has been pretty chill. Just a boring daily routine with a dash of variety every once in a while. Things will get interesting soon and I look forward t it. While I am excited to be moving on with my training, I'm sad to be leaving Jess behind in Chicago with our relationship being so young. I really hope she can make it down to visit me in FL. so we can spend time together... but we will still talk insane amounts like we do now!

That's about all guys and gals... Wish me luck on the next leg of my journey and here's to becoming the Navy Sailor I am meant to be!