Friday, May 8, 2009

Blog Theft (stolen from the sister)


1. Your ex and You = fun while it lasted, I suppose.

2. I am listening to = nothing. oddly.

3. Maybe I should = let things fall as they ma instead of trying to push things where I want them.

4. I love = my friends and family

5. My best friend(s) = are few and a very select group.

6. I don’t understand = women.

7. I have lost my respect for = some people.

8. I last ate = KFC

9. The meaning of my display name is = childhood nickname that has weathered the test of time.

10. God = there.... somewhere...

11. Someday = I'll be happy with where I'm at in life.

12. I will always be = me, no matter what you say or think.

13. Love seems = elusive

14. I never ever want to lose = my sense of perspective.

15. My LiveJournal is = non existent

17. I get annoyed = too much. I ought to work on that.

18. Parties = aren't the same as they used to be.

20. Simple kisses = are one of the best kind.

21. Today I = start working nights again. sigh.

22. I wish = a few things would go right.

01. is your hair wet? negatory

02. is your cell phone right by you? always.

03. do you miss someone? for sure

04. are you wearing chapstick? nah

05. are you tired? perpetual state

06. are you wearing pajamas? nah

08. are you mad? not yet.

09. are you upset? miffed maybe, but not upset.



01. recently done anything you regret? regrets aren't my thing.

02. ever lied? who hasn't?

03. ever put gum underneath a desk? not that I can recall....

04. ever kicked someone? yes

05. ever tripped over your own feet? sure have. I can be as graceful as a swan or as clumsy as a newborn horse.


01. have you cursed? have you met me?

02. have you gotten mad at someone? day ain’t over yet. (ditto)


Q: is there a person who is on your mind right NOW? yes.

Q: do you have any siblings? a couple blood related, a couple step, and a few chosen.

Q: do you want children? I've always wanted to be a father.

Q: do you smile often? sure... when the mood strikes, or if I am talking to a certain person.

Q: do you untie your shoes every time you take them off? only my work boots.

Q: do you like your handwriting? it's functional so I guess it can stay.

Q: are your toenails painted? not my thing really, so no.

Q: are you a friendly person? if I'm in the mood

Q: whose bed other than yours do you sleep in? I don't.

Q: what color shirt are you wearing? white

Q: what were you doing at 7pm yesterday? um.... watching tv I think

Q: I can’t wait until: June 11.


last time you prank called someone? don't remember

last time you skipped school/class/work? college. I kinda get in a massive boatload of trouble if I skip work now.

last time you called your best friend? last weekend

last time you tried to tell someone how you feel? last night. I have no problem sharing feelings.

last time you had someone call? yesterday.

last time you twisted your ankle? cannot remember

last time you drove? yesterday

last time you cried? no clue.

last time you pushed someone? yesterday. It was prolly Ryan or Mantecon... dunno which tho.

last time you laughed? last night.

last time you rented a dvd? I don't rent. I own.

last time you worked? yesterday. last day on days before I go back to the fun and excitement of nights and the whole new det concept thing.

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